The come back that absolutely no one asked for is finally here! 
Sooo, I've been kind of busy doing a whole bunch of things (check my insta) but truthfully, I kind of ran out of steam and wanted to take a little break before continuing to put myself out there. Before I hit my 100th post I kind of wanted to figure out what I wanted to gain from this blog and also what exactly I was presenting to the online world / 10 people who actually read this. 
The past month and a bit have been super manic with exams, post exams celebrations (most of my money has been spent on clothing and clubbing), graduating, hunting for a job, catching up with friends and family, and most importantly, taking a little mental health break after all the stress and pressure of actually trying to pass my degree. I've kind of just been reminding myself that I've only just turned 21 and little blips in the road will be so insignificant soon.

I really want to take my blog into a new direction, that's less "hey I did this blah blah", and has a bit more substance to it. I might just copy what Kemi does over on Skylish until I get my own theme going ;). 
It's most likely going to change a bit when I start working, but for now I have a recap of LCM SS17 and a post about travelling in New York coming up. Hopefully, I'll do some travelling in Europe in August too. 

In this OOTD I wore my House of Holland jumper with trousers and slip on shoes by ASOS, along with my Alexander McQueen bracelet. Kemi and I took these pictures in Somerset House quite a while ago (May I believe), so it just goes to show how behind schedule I am with this blogging thing haha. 

Song of the Week: "Fuck with Myself" by BANKS
Item of Week: Crystal Skull vodka...
Place of the Week: LSE (LSeeya) 

Peace and Blessings,

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