Things have been shaping up quite well recently. I've been working hard trying to stay on top of university work, figuring out how to budget (someone help haha) and making the most of any free time I get. 
Also, I've been appointed Junior Fashion Editor for Candid Magazine, which is pretty big news. I can't thank them enough for the opportunity and can't wait to get fully involved! 
I'm also a few entries away from my 100th post on this blog, which is exciting since I started this ages ago, forgot about it, then got back into the swing of it thanks to my friend Kemi and attending Fashion Week. Hopefully, I'll continue this alongside whatever happens after graduation, be it a graduate job or more studying.  

Fitting in time to do OOTD every week sometimes doesn't work out; this week was supposed to be done before it got dark, but evidently that didn't work and flash has now become our closest companion. 
For this week I wanted to do something a bit more grown-up and sophisticated compared to my usual patten heavy, cartoonish style. I broke out my Burberry trench and paired it with a Topman roll neck, Topman black trousers and a new pair of Poste monk strap shoes I got in the Office sale. I absolutely love the contrast sole of the shoe as it adds a bit of fun to a pretty monochromatic look.

I've actually been proactive and have some posted queued up for later. I think I'm actually learning "how to adult". I've also joined depop so go follow me - adevb :). 
Peace and Blessings, 

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