Aaaaaahhhhhhh, it's been ages!
With exams, a graduate job offer, being "it's not me, it's you"'d (damn right it ain't me...) and planning for summer, I've not been able to take some time to blog.
But here I am, writing this in between screaming at my textbooks for making no sense and having withdrawal symptoms from clubbing.
These pics are probably from more than a month ago, and I've done some recent pictures with Kemi, that I'm yet to edit. However, I ONLY HAVE TWO EXAMS LEFT! Like for the rest of my university life. It's so scary, but I can't wait to blog a lot more this summer during LC: M and whilst I'm in New York. 

I've been having a bit of anxiety about these exams; trying really hard and failing is one of my biggest fears and I totally regret not putting more effort in throughout the year. But things work themselves out and everything happens for a reason, so I'm spending my time staying positive rather than worrying. Either way, it'll all be over soon and the big wide world awaits!

In this OOTD I'm wearing the usual Lazy Oaf sweatshirt paired with jeans and out-there footwear haha. I got these Citizens of Humanity Jeans courtesy of Candid Magazine and matched them with yellow Converse, which you can't see in the pics -_-.

Song of the Week: Dammn Baby by Janet Jackson
Place of the Week: The f**king Library 
Item of the Week: Hayfever relief lol

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Peace and Blessings,

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