"Oh my gosh, are you from Syracuse!?"
I was asked this by a super excited couple from America at last season's LC: M; luckily enough I had Google searched Syracuse straight after I bought the jacket to make sure I wasn't wearing something obscure or offensive. I was so tempted to put on a thick American accent and run with it, but my acting skills aren't that great.

I've realised that I've already broken my blogging schedule but the run up to Halloween is always busy. I've been in the library all week trying to stay on top of work, and sorting out club nights at Mahiki and Libertine on top of everything. But, luckily, I found time to meet up with a friend and snap some pics.

The majority of this outfit is from Topman, with the aforementioned jacket being from the Sam Greenberg vintage section (white t-shirt and jeans also from Topman and the bag is from Coach). My trainers are a pair of old Nike Air Maxs ,which I wore instead of my orange Adidas supercolours, to break up the bright hues a bit. I tried something new by having my t-shirt tucked into my jeans, being inspired by a group of hip east London fashion students who often do this.

Hopefully, I'll get more into blogging. I'm thinking about telling more people about it and post pictures to my personal Instagram ( follow me :)) as I shouldn't really be embarrassed about the occasional OOTD and fashion show, should I?

I'm still trying to figure out what to do for Halloween. At the moment I'm torn between Mahiki and Your Mum's House at the Nest, and on the actual Saturday I'm trying to convince people to come to Drama Park Lane, it looks like so much fun. Although, I have no idea what to dress up as; I'm normally pretty lazy and just wear all black and paint my face, but this year I want to be more adventurous. I'm currently thinking of the purple devil emoji and going crazy with face paint and make up.

This post was a tad longer than the others, but hopefully that makes for a better read (I'm actually writing this on the tube to work haha).
Peace and Blessings,

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