Hey hey, it's been a while since I've posted due to it being the end of term at university. This post is going to be less of an Outfit of the Day and more of what I want this blog to be like in summer. I want to try and combine fashion with general lifestyle things like travelling, art and food. This post is a little tester but is lacking pictures since I was super hungover for most of my short trip.
I went to Italy to visit two of my friends studying on their year abroad and to get away from London before the stress of revision and exams (I even worked on the plane, responsible Andre is slowly coming back).

We spent time in Padua and Verona, making the most of how inexpensive the food and alcohol was. I spent the first night worrying about getting lost after drinking quite a bit (a reaction to seeing my exam timetable -_-). It was nice to see how different this part of Italy is compared to the South.
My bank balance prohibited me from shopping, and I had to resist at the duty free in Venice airport as it had some stores with really cute pieces. 

It was fun to escape the world of Starbucks and Ubers (although I did complain about the lack of taxis on the first night out haha), and take some time to appreciate being away from London. In saying that, my first stop when I arrived home was Pret, can't help being such a London boy.
Hopefully, I'll travel a bit more this year and have the opportunity to meet new people. The idea of a holiday and my 21st are the only things keeping me sane until exams have finished. Also, I've decided not to drink between now and the 24th (when exams end), which is not helping with the staying sane haha. 

It's quite funny that the people I visited/went with all started off as friends of friends; guess it goes to show that when you click with people you just click with them haha.
In saying that it happens to be one of my friends 21st today, so Happy Birthday to that massive kween. 

Song of the Week: Lush Life by Zara Larsson
Place of the Week: Padua, Italy

Peace and Blessings,

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